Phonak U | 2020


Phonak is proud to provide a yearly conference for soon-to-be audiologist and hearing care professionals from universities and schools around the country. Topics for this annual event include professional development, innovative audiologic strategies and research, new technology and patient-centric care.  


Introduction to Advanced Bionics

Presenters: Stephanie Johnson, Holly Yeo


Amplification solutions: From textbook to practice

Presenters: Jon Brittian, Lena Kyman, Marion Dellamonica, Alyssa Ricevuto


Journey mapping and clinical practice

Presenters: Jim Fedio


Lyric: education, fitting and beyond

Presenters: Michelle Wiebke


Careers at Sonova

Presenters: Cassandra Kitchenmaster, Katie Shiffer


VA Audiology

Presenters: Nancy Durand


Setting up for success through high-quality audiologic care

Presenters: Dr. Cliff Olson



Presentation: Introduction to Advanced Bionics

Presentation: From classroom to clinic with Phonak

Presentation: E not L: Emotion trumps logic in the patient journey

Presentation: Lyric Education: Fitting & Beyond

Presentation: Professional Readiness – Resume Writing and Interview Techniques

Presentation: VA Audiology

Presentation: Why DIFFERENT is BETTER

Supplemental Materials

Brochure: Advanced Bionics

Consumer brochure

Brochure: HiRes Ultra 3D Cochlear Implant — For a Life Without Limits

Consumer brochure

Self-guided learning: Phonak Target 6.2.7