eSolutions curriculum



Phonak has created a suite of eSolutions that can extend many aspects of the hearing care experience beyond the clinic. While many of these features were initially developed over a lengthy period of time and prior to the COVID-19 era, the tools have become a necessity in ensuring the safe and healthy practice of hearing care. These tools require practice and pre-planning to ensure effective use. This curriculum provides technical detail, practical exercises and case studies. 

Resources provided

Downloadable for use anytime

Instructional guide:

  • eSolutions toolkit overview
  • eSolutions instructional guide
    • Overview on relevant eSolutions topics 
    • Instructions for hardware, internet and firewall settings check/confirmation
    • 2 exercises for mock hands-on fitting sessions
    • Multi-part case study for context when using eSolutions


Additional resources


Loan equipment (requires reservation)

  • 6 pairs of Audéo M90-312T
    • Size 1 receiver
    • Battery pack 312 batteries 

Suggested time commitment

2 weeks

  • Week 1: Review instructional guide and materials
  • Week 2: Practice exercises and complete assignments


*Note – while this course was designed to be self-paced and self-guided, the Phonak Clinical Trainers are available to support you with live instruction if requested.

Recommended number of students/attendees

This program is ideally suited for 6-12 participants.

Loan equipment booking availability

The loan equipment is available to reserve after November 2, 2020*. 

*Please note that equipment is first come, first served and your desired date might not be available.

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