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As the end of the year grows near, this is a great opportunity to reflect on the accomplishments of 2017.

We have been busy at Phonak with the introduction of several industry-leading technologies, like our Made for All connectivity solution, Audéo B-Direct, and Virto B, the first ITE product to incorporate biometric calibration.

In addition to our new products, we have increased our communication about audiology through new channels and formats, such as the Audiology Blog and a dedicated information platform for Family-Centered Care.

Finally, we would like to thank you for all the wonderful support and commitment during this year and to wish you a peaceful and enjoyable festive season.


Save the date

AAA 2018 | April 18-21 | Nashville, Tennessee | USA


In focus

Experts sharing expertise


The Phonak Family-Centered Care Expert Circle has launched a new article series called the Myth Busters, which will address perceived challenges by hearing care professionals to the implementation of FCC.

We are happy to present you with the first one on the topic, I would like to do more counseling but time just won’t allow for it.

Myth Busters no1



Family-Centered Care is also an important topic when treating children with hearing loss.

A Question Prompt List (QPL), compiled by our Pediatric Family-Centered Care experts, was published in the Hearing Review.

It is an effective tool for engaging the family in a child’s hearing management and development.

Engaging Parents with a QPL

Implementing_Family-Centered_Care .jpg

Unilateral Hearing Loss (UHL) in children was the focus of the first international pediatric conference, chaired by Professor Anne Marie Tharpe from the Vanderbilt University.

In an interview with AudiologyOnline, she explains why this topic is so important.




Evidence matters

Studies and findings

A recent study investigated which factors were associated with good ear health for Lyric wearers.

Factors found to be associated with poor ear health were poor general health and wearing the smallest-sized Lyric devices. 

Field Study News


Two Field Study News are available on the recently launched TV Connector.

The first study reveals significant improvement in ease of use, and the second study shows superior listening to television programs containing speech.



Expert view

Talking research with the experts


From left to right: Stefan Launer, Brent Edwards, Bradley Stephenson, Andrea Pittman, Lori Rakita, Graham Naylor, Jani Johnson, Michael Boretzki, Susan Scollie, Ora Buerkli, Yu-Hsiang Wu, Erin Picou, Christine Jones


Phonak recently convened the first Expert Research Circle in the U.S., inviting renowned experts from across the globe. The key topics discussed were “Ecological Momentary Assessment" and "Clinical Benefits Beyond Speech Perception."

The main goal of this meeting is to regularly engage in an open dialogue and share experiences about key areas in hearing aid research. The next Expert Research Circle is planned for January.



Absolutely audiology

Recognition for our audiology blog

Within just one year, the Phonak Audiology Blog has been recognized as one of the best hearing aid blogs because of its content quality and consistency.

We are very pleased with this high ranking and grateful for the great contributions of our internal and external bloggers. If you are also interested in contributing, please contact us.

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