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Phonak proudly celebrated 70 years of innovation by hosting various international meetings and events at its global headquarters in Switzerland, culminating in an “Open Day”, which drew thousands of guests to take part in a self-guided tour across the company, including labs, Research & Development and a separate tour of the production building.

At this opportunity, we would like to thank all hearing care professionals around the globe who, together with us, have changed so many lives.

It’s because of you that Phonak has evolved from its humble beginnings in 1947 into the leading manufacturer of hearing solutions.

In focus

Everything Family-Centered Care, all in one place


We have recently created an online professional resource center dedicated to Family-Centered Care which provides all relevant information about this Phonak initiative.

You will find journal publications, corresponding infographics as well as an introduction of the FCC experts consisting of a select international group of 16 hearing healthcare experts and researchers.

The, scientific evidence and publications can be downloaded and shared directly from the page.


Evidence matters

Studies and findings

This peer-reviewed study in collaboration between Phonak and Jace Wolfe showed that use of adaptive noise management technologies improves school-age children's speech recognition in noise for signals arriving from the front.

Here is a recent peer-reviewed article by Erin M. Picou on the benefit of directional microphones. It concluded that directional microphone technology in hearing aids has the potential to improve listening effort in moderately reverberant environments.


Technology update

Hearing is believing


In double-blinded sound quality tests, participants subjectively evaluated sound samples in various challenging listening situations, which were recorded through Phonak Audéo B and two premium devices from competitors.

Phonak came out as the outright leader, with each scene seeing the majority of participants preferring the sound quality of Phonak.

Here you can find out more about the methodology of this study.


Expert view

Prof. Louise Hickson from the University of Queensland and chairperson of the Family-Centered Care expert panel recently visited Phonak headquarters in Switzerland and explained why engaging in FCC is so compelling and rewarding.

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Absolutely audiology

Audiologist gathering


Phonak audiologists from all over the world met for their annual summit in Switzerland, aimed at alignment on strategy, upcoming product launches, and scientific studies.

For 1.5 days, the participants from more than 35 countries helped shape the future of Audiology at Phonak while strengthening the international collaboration on best practice and joint activity.