Inside Audiology no9


This issue of our audiology newsletter brings you the latest news on the Phonak Family-Centered Care Initiative, and interesting facts and figures about a market survey recently conducted to evaluate satisfaction with the Phonak Belong platform and our rechargeables hearing aids.


In focus

Family-Centered Care


It can be awkward when perceptions on the treatment of hearing loss differ significantly between family members. However, these situations can be used to positively share experiences and change perspectives when addressed in a supportive environment.

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In her article, Gabrielle Saunders, PhD, a member of the Phonak Family-Centered Care Expert Circle explains what to do with incongruent hearing aid outcome.

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Evidence matters

Studies and findings


The results of a survey administered to teenagers on the use of remote microphones (RM) indicate that a majority are willing users. However, about a quarter of those asked stopped using RM due to cosmetics, lack of perceived benefit or disliking handing the RM to a teacher. These findings highlight the areas for potential for improvement of RMs to further increase use amongst this age group.

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People with very small or large ear canals can now also benefit from Lyric. This new FSN proves how Lyric3 XXS and XXL are valuable additions to the product portfolio offering more fitting flexibility.

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Boost your knowledge

Audéo B market survey


To evaluate the satisfaction with the performance of the Belong platform, Phonak conducted a market survey with 342 hearing care professionals from the US, France, Canada, and Germany.

The results show high overall and first fit satisfaction rates with the Audéo B product family. Acceptance of the rechargeable model is also very high - Audéo B-R is perceived superior by 4 out of 5 hearing care professionals compared to other rechargeable solutions on the market.

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Technology update

Next generation of verification

Did you know that TargetMatch outperforms non-integrated Real Ear Measurements in terms of target matching and test, re-test reliability?

The second generation of TargetMatch released with the fitting software Phonak Target 5.1., demonstrates more accuracy and precision than traditional verification standards by matching targets within 3dB of the calculated targets across the frequency range.

When using TargetMatch, you will also be able to positively impact overall patient satisfaction and loyalty, reduce follow-up visits and offer a better fitting experience for clients. Learn about the many other benefits in this infographic, and find more information on Phonak Target Match and Target 5.1 here.


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Expert view

Outperforming non-integrated REM


Solange Anderson, Audiology Manager Fitting Software Solutions at Phonak, runs you through the enhanced functionality of Phonak TargetMatch and explains the benefits for both hearing care professionals and patients and how to get the most out of fittings.

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