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Spring is in the air. The sun is shining, the birds and singing, the flowers are blooming, and at Phonak, we are talking Audiology. Join us for the latest news on the Phonak Family-Centered Care initiative and learn about one of our latest innovations — EasyView Otoblock.


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In focus

Family-Centered Care

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Family members play a key role in decision making when it comes to hearing loss. Their input is extremely important as it influences all aspects of hearing help-seeking and rehabilitation.

In her article, Professor Louise Hickson, chairwoman of the Phonak Family-Centered Care Expert Circle, highlights the different tools that are available to work towards joint decisions which lead to higher satisfaction and hearing aid adoption rates.




Evidence matters

Studies and findings

22 audiologists and the same number of clients participated in a trial in the USA, Australia, and Switzerland. Each audiologist took an ear impression on one subject with the standard otoblock and with the EasyView Otoblock.

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Boost your knowledge

Learning from videos and webinars


Watch Rachel Bishop, audiologist and custom product specialist at Phonak Headquarters, explain the latest Phonak invention EasyView Otoblock and how visual feedback during insertion helps facilitate deep ear impressions for custom products.



Expert view

Facilitating deep ear impressions

The team around Jana Schwarzlos-Sooprayen at Phonak Headquarters invented the EasyView Otoblock and even filed a patent for it.

Watch what it takes to get high-quality ear impressions and who can benefit from this tool.

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Absolutely audiology

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Can an automatic system keep up in a constantly changing environment?

Lori Rakita, Clinical Research Manager at the Phonak Audiology Research Center (PARC) in Warrenville/USA, looks into the performance of hearing aids in complex real-world settings.

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