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Important Dates

International Pediatric Conference 2017  
Unilateral Hearing Loss in Children
October 22 – 24
Philadelphia, PA


In focus

Taking care of families

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The latest article in the Family-Centered Care series, written by Louise Hickson, Professor of Audiology at the University of Queensland/Australia, illustrates the key role that family members have a when it comes to decision-making by adults with hearing loss.

As well as outlines strategies on including family in discussions, taking action to resolve hearing difficulties and setting common goals for successful hearing rehabilitation.

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How do I get a family member to attend the initial consultation?
How do I get my support staff involved?
Will it cost our practice more?

These are some of the questions Bettina Turnbull, Director of Audiology & Education, Asia Pacific for the Sonova Group, addresses in this article by sharing her experience.

How do I implement Family-Centered Care in my practice?

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Four hundred participants from over 10 countries attended the 7th International Pediatric Conference in Atlanta in October 2016

All keynote presentations and videos can be downloaded here


Dr. Anne Marie Tharpe from the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, describes why the Phonak International Pediatric Conference is tailored to pediatric and education audiologists, unlike other educational conferences.

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Evidence matters

Studies and findings

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Up to 5dB increase in broadband output for Naída V

Learn how this feature can help provide all the sound it possibly can for those with a profound hearing loss.

Phonak Field Study News


In the study by Dr. Matthias Latzel from Phonak, about the performance of music and speech with different frequency lowering devices, indicates that speech understanding and music perception is clearly better when using SoundRecover in comparison with Frequency Transposition.

White Paper: The Performance of Music and Speech with Different Frequency Lowering Devices

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Boost your knowledge

Understanding Binaural Signal Processing

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Michael Waloszek, Education & Training Audiologist at Phonak, looks into Speech in Loud Noise and how Binaural VoiceStream Technology can help users get the most out of challenging listening situations and understand speech in noisy environments.

Watch Speech in Loud Noise: When noise interferes with life to learn more >


The expert view

Boosting the brain through eyes and ears

Listening can be very demanding, and tiring as cognitive factors such as attention and memory have to be recruited to compensate for a hearing loss.

The article Boost the brain through eyes and ears — especially in old age! provides recommendations on what hearing care professionals can do in their practices.

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With support from Sonova, a study by the University of Zurich has managed to measure and visually map the consequences of age-related hearing loss in the brain.

Click for the article; Hearing gets more tiring for the brain as we age, which includes this short video explaining the study >