Inside Audiology no3

Let's talk AutoSense OS™ today and why Phonak has the most effective automatic system.

We have put AutoSense OS through the paces and initiated a multitude of studies to look into its performance not only under laboratory conditions but also in real-life situations and, in comparison to other competitive systems.

In this edition, you will find the scientific evidence that shows the power and benefits of AutoSense OS.


Important Dates

October 2 - 5, 2016, the 7th International Pediatric Conference will take place in Atlanta, Georgia.


In focus

AutoSense OS — Understanding automatic systems


The recently launched Phonak platform Belong runs on our enhanced operating system AutoSense OS.

Watch this video to find out how AutoSense OS works.

The Phonak Audiology Research Center (PARC) just completed a study to better understand the capabilities of AutoSense OS, as compared to other automatic systems. Of special interest was how each system affected performance in different real-world situations. For a look behind the scenes of the PARC study, watch the research protocol video.

Results showed that the average speech recognition performance is consistently highest with Phonak AutoSense OS.

See the full study and results.


More evidence on AutoSense OS:

Gain more insight on why hearing well in every listening situation has never been easier.
How can big data provide value for hearing care professionals? Approximately 500 participating hearing care clinics provided data in Phonak Target for the automatic technology AutoSense OS, resulting in over 400,000 fittings.

Learn more.

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Evidence matters

Studies and findings

Roger Group Work Classroom Touchscreen Mic

Ever wondered how children cope with dynamic classroom situations? Meet the powerful noise-fighting duo Roger and Phonak directionality.

"I am now able to hear birds and forest noises. I was not able to hear this with my previous hearing aids", says one of the participants in the SoundRecover2 for severe to profound hearing loss study.


Boost your knowledge

Understanding Binaural VoiceStream Technology

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It introduces the underlying concepts of binaural hearing - from basic physiology and auditory cues to advantages in localization and listening abilities in complex acoustic environments.

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