Inside Audiology no2

Welcome to the second edition of Inside Audiology.

The 5th European Pediatric Conference Current Development and New Directions in Pediatric Audiology just took place in Berlin. With nearly 500 participants and excellent keynote addresses, it was a great success. Please find below a review of some of the content presented and evidence about the latest innovations in our product portfolio.


Important Dates

Visit our Family-Centered Care session at the  33rd World Congress of Audiology in Vancouver, September 19, 2016

Save the date for our 7th International Pediatric Conference A Sound Foundation through Early Amplification in Atlanta, GA, October 2-5, 2016


In focus

Children are not small adults


Phonak has more than 40 years experience in providing children with hearing and wireless solutions and remains committed to creating technology that changes children's lives so that they thrive socially and emotionally. In this video, Christine Jones, Director of the Phonak Audiology Research Center (PARC) in Warrenville, IL, talks about Sky™ V, the latest family of pediatric solutions.

This Phonak Insight reports about the benefits of automatic programs and directional microphones for children in challenging listening situations.


Evidence matters

Studies and findings

  • Lori Beth Rakita from PARC presents a clinical study revealing that beyond accuracy and fine-tuned detection of sound environments, AutoSense OS™ can optimize speech understanding, as well as comfort and sound quality.
  • Did you know that 98% of the respondents of EuroTrak 2015 and MarkeTrak 9 reported that hearing aids regularly improve their quality of life? Read the full article Hearing Aids Improve Hearing - and A LOT More.

  • Phonak puts evidence-based research at the core of every new product and feature. Learn more about the science behind our technologies by walking through our Evidence website page with this short movie.

  • "Modern audiology has extended its focus from hearing to considerations of cognitive processes, aging effects, and social factors to address the communication problems of hearing impaired individuals" claims this peer-reviewed study.
New Phonak Audiology Research Center

Expert view

Family-Centered Care reduces negative impact on families

"Family members of hearing impaired adults can experience effects across numerous aspects of their lives including their communication, their relationship, social life and emotional health," says Dr. Nerina Scarinci from The University of Queensland, Australia. Learn more how a family-centered approach can help.