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Welcome - you have just opened the very first edition of our Inside Audiology newsletter, which we are planning to send on a regular basis.

Our aim is to:

  • Inform you about ongoing research at Phonak
  • Share with you the latest insights in Audiology through educative formats
  • Help you identify relevant topics that will influence the hearing care industry tomorrow

Appreciating that you all lead busy lives, we will keep the content of this newsletter short and concise. If you ever feel that you want to give us feedback or enter into a discussion with an expert, feel free to address us by sending an e-mail to


Important Dates

Visit us at the 5th European Pediatrics Conference in Berlin from June 16-18, 2016 or follow #PhonakEPC on social media around that time period.

Learn more about our focus topic of Family-Centered Care at the 33rd World Congress of Audiology in Vancouver from  September 18-21, 2016.


In focus

Family-Centered Care


Family-Centered Care (FCC) is an approach to health care that recognizes the vital role families play in ensuring the health and well-being of patients of all ages. Phonak sees a strong potential for the hearing healthcare industry in leveraging this perspective. Read the position statement recently published in the Hearing Review and our infographic.


Evidence matters

Boost your knowledge with the latest scientific evidence

This peer-reviewed article by Paluch, R., Latzel, M., and Meis, M. introduces a new tool for subjective assessment of hearing aid performance. Hearing aid performance was assessed by analyzing video recordings of study participants wearing hearing aids set with UltraZoom versus adaptive StereoZoom.

This peer-reviewed article, published in January 2016 by Winkler, A., Latzel, M. and Holube, I. is a review of the literature for open versus closed hearing aid fittings.

Find more evidence

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Expert view

Benefits of binaural listening


Gurjit Singh, Senior Research Audiologist from Phonak talks about the benefits of  Binaural VoiceStream Technology™, comprising multiple features resulting in improved speech understanding and listening effort in challenging acoustic environments.

Watch what he has to say.


Technology update

SoundRecover2, a truly unique feature

The first Phonak adaptive frequency compression algorithm, SoundRecover2, brings more audibility to high-frequency sounds — without compromising the sound quality of lower frequencies. Read the latest Phonak Insight.

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