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Phonak Target includes all the fitting tools you would expect, plus unique functions that simplify the fitting process. This gives you more time to focus on your patients' needs.

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New Phonak Target 7.3 features

Notification sidebar

Notification sidebar

The notification sidebar provides quick access to information or reminders that can support you in completing a fitting. It also provides you with information on preference changes made by the patient in the myPhonak app. The benefit is immediate access to information that can foster conversations with the patient.

Mask program

Mask program

Face masks are particularly challenging for people with hearing loss or in challenging listening conditions. A ready-made Mask program provides patients an accessible custom hearing aid program to support their communication where there is widespread use of face masks.


Existing features



ActiveVent is a mechanical vent that can be open or closed based on the classified sound environment or signal, providing patients an open fitting when they want it and a closed fitting when they need it. You have the flexibility to modify the ActiveVent status in the exclusive AutoSense OSTM programs, streaming programs, or manual programs not linked to AutoSense OS. ActiveVent is compatible with Audéo P rechargeable hearing aids.

Tap Control training and sensitivity

Tap Control training and sensitivity

With a simple double tap, Tap Control enables patients to pause/resume streaming, accept/end a phone call and activate a voice assistant. While coaching the patient on the double tap gesture, you can verify the patient’s sensitivity preference. This additional personalization of Tap Control allows you to meet your patient’s dexterity needs and preferences, as well as providing more engagement opportunities during the counseling process. The ability to change the sensitivity is available with Audéo P rechargeable hearing aids.

 Phonak Target Bimodal Detection 7.1

Bimodal fitting

The Naída Link M and Sky Link M hearing aids can be fit in a bimodal configuration with an Advanced Bionics cochlear implant (CI) sound processor. The Link M hearing aid enables binaural functions with the CI, including volume control, program structure, and streaming.

Phonak Target Software 7.0 APD

Adaptive Phonak Digital 2.0

Adaptive Phonak Digital 2.0 is a new processing algorithm in Phonak Paradise hearing aids.

Feedback threshold overturning

Feedback threshold overtuning

Feedback threshold overtuning provides you with more control and flexibility in order to achieve the desired high frequency gain.

Phonak Marvel trial hearing aids

Phonak Trial™

The flexibility to offer different performance levels in a single device is available with Phonak Paradise and Marvel. The ability to change performance levels in Target allows you to address patients’ needs from the first visit or to bridge the gap during repairs.


AudiogramDirect with Remote Support

AudiogramDirect can be used as part of the fitting process to test patients’ hearing directly through their hearing aids. With the Phonak Target 6.2.7 release, this feature is available during a Phonak Remote Support session. AudiogramDirect is designed to check a patient's hearing during a follow-up session, but can also provide a starting point for a new first fitting remotely.



TargetMatch is an automated guidance system for real ear and Testbox measurements developed by Phonak in collaboration with Otometrics. It provides you with the benefits of a seamless, step-by-step workflow, guiding you through the process of probe tube placement, obtaining Real Ear and 2cc/test box measurements and automatic or manual target matching. This creates an easy and effective way of incorporating verification into the fitting process.

Visit for more information on AURICAL from Otometrics

TargetMatch - The next Generation of Verification


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target support

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