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"Only Phonak offers a dedicated team to help you make sense of referral networks, and how managed care and online lead sources might work with your practice."

— Robert Eastman, VP of Business Development

Why should my practice partner with a Third-Party Referral Network (TPRN)?

There are several patients out there who are ready to seek help, and happen to be on an insurance plan that has a hearing aid benefit. Think about the impact to your business if you could fill empty appointment slots with patients that have a hearing aid benefit through a third-party referral network. New patients to the hearing healthcare market are experiencing unique challenges right now, and you are in a great position to be the one to assist them! 

Think about your own health plan and included benefits that drive your behavior when seeking healthcare. Dentists and physicians within your plan are actively marketing to you. Chances are you will choose a provider that offers you care or supplies at a reduced cost as a part of a network. Your healthcare provider still sees a balance of private pay patients, along with multiple insurance carriers so their revenue streams aren’t dependent upon just one source. 

In these unprecedented times, it is critical that you have a plan for your practice. Diversification of patient mix is key. Third-party referred Managed Care is an emerging lead source that can play a pivotal role in sustaining your practice’s patient flow. But first, you must understand the details.  

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Managed Care Interview with HCP Steve Reinshuttle


Meet the dedicated Phonak team


Robert Eastman

Vice President of Business Development

With over 27 years of experience in the hearing industry, Robert Eastman brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and leadership in his role of overseeing the managed care business for Sonova in the U.S. In 2009, he launched the U.S. operations of Hansaton, a Sonova brand, and previously served as General Manager at Phonak U.S. Prior to this, he was President at Rexton. 

Robert brings a high level of enthusiasm and energy to support hearing care professionals in the growing managed care channel so they can deliver an exceptional patient experience.


Susan Tornblom

Director of Managed Care Strategic Initiatives

During her 11 years in the hearing industry,  Susan Tornblom has developed a keen passion for collaborating with partners and customers to increase patient access to hearing care in the U.S.  Beginning as the Finance Director for Hansaton Acoustics, she helped to build a solid U.S. operation from the ground up that became known as a “scrappy contender” in the industry with a warm, family-style approach. Since Hansaton’s acquisition by Sonova in 2015, Susan’s entrepreneurial spirit and broad experience -- from finance & operations to sales & marketing -- led to a role as Director of Strategic Sales at Unitron, leading the inside sales & analytics teams. 

As Director of Managed Care Strategic Initiatives since 2018, Susan and her team are committed to educating customers about the value and role managed care as well as other referral networks might have in their business. 


Jodi Limbo, Au.D. 

Director of Managed Care and Referral Networks 

Jodi Limbo, Au.D. brings a unique perspective to the hearing healthcare industry based on her experience as a clinician and Key Account Manager. Jodi has clinical experience in hospital, ENT, and private practice settings. She has worked for Sonova for more than 6 years, and has been a valuable member of the organization. In her previous roles, Jodi has been a Phonak Territory Manager and Key Account Manager. In both roles Jodi excelled and achieved strong sales results through her dedication and personal commitment to grow her territory. Additionally, Jodi has over 10 years of experience in sales and account management in the pharmaceutical market with Abbott and AbbVie. 

As Director of Managed Care and TPRN, Jodi and the Managed Care team are committed to accelerating growth in the fast-growing managed care and referral networks channels for both the Phonak and Unitron brands. Jodi’s intellectual curiosity drives the unique solutions and insights she is known for bringing customers. 


Kirk Biggins

Referral Network Specialist

Kirk Biggins brings 24 years of career experience in Medical Device, Capital Equipment, Disposable and Industrial Sales and Marketing.  For the past 6 years, Kirk has worked at Phonak holding various positions, including Inside Account Manager, Area Manager and Key Account Manager. Kirk has always been invested in building positive, enduring relationships with both internal and external business partners. His leadership focus has been on making sound business decisions with patience and composure in high-pressure, time-sensitive circumstances and always keeping customers’ needs top-of-mind. Prior to joining Phonak, Kirk was an Area Manager with Cochlear Americas.  

As Referral Network Specialist, Kirk will use his knowledge of both inside and outside sales processes to grow the referral network channels. He will be the liaison between the managed care and referral networks for both the Phonak and Unitron brands. His unique skill set will ensure both Sonova brands continue to grow and adapt to changing business needs. 


How Phonak can help

Contact to learn how your practice can thrive when you include the optimal mix of Managed Care and

  • Help you evaluate which referral network aligns with your business values and goals
  • Provide credentialing support, including expedited service and tracking
  • Communicate opportunities in your area