Phonak Audéo™ Evidence



Field Study: Best first fit experience from Phonak: Phonak Marvel

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White Paper: New dual-path processing of vent loss compensation enables a clear and rich sound quality when streaming

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Info Graphic: Phonak Audéo Marvel + TV Connector - Top rated streaming solution

Info Graphic: Reduced listening effort in noise with StereoZoom

Field Study: Less listening - and memory effort in noisy situations with StereoZoom

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White Paper: Phonak Insight: Love at first sound: the new Phonak precalculation

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White Paper: Phonak Insight. Phonak AutoSense OS 3.0

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Field Study: Media streaming: The sound quality preferred by hearing aid users

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White Paper: Phonak Compendium: StereoZoom Part 1: The benefit of wirelessly connected narrow directionality in Phonak hearing aids for speech intelligibility

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