Educational Webinar Series

Learn about marketing best practices in a matter of minutes

Phonak has recorded a series of educational webinars for our accounts, titled Marketing in Minutes. Each webinar will cover topics on social media, digital marketing, analytics, and more. Tune in at your leisure and learn easy tips on how to enhance and boost your marketing efforts.

The Power of Video Testimonials

Learn about the rise of video testimonials as the latest digital marketing phenomenon.

This short webinar will discuss the psychology behind why testimonials are so impactful, why video content works, and how you can easily weave video testimonials into your marketing efforts.


Facebook Boosting

View our new short educational webinar, Boosting Your Facebook Post, to learn how to make your content stand out above the competition.

This brief webinar will show you how easy it is to elevate your Facebook posts and receive more views and engagement.


Facebook in 1-2-3

Do you need a refresher on how to approach your Facebook business page? Or do you simply want to learn more about developing fresh content?

Facebook in 1-2-3 will give you quick and robust overview of why Facebook matters today, three simple steps to thinking through your strategy, and easy tips to get you started right away.




  • Marketing Support

    Phonak will provide you with data and the tools you need to create new business, support your patients and communicate your brand message.

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