Phonak Hearing Screener

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An online hearing test that can be integrated into Inner CircleSM members' websites or campaigns to screen hearing and generate leads.

Phonak Hearing Screener

Potential patients are looking for effective and convenient ways to test their hearing. They want to know: “Do I have hearing loss?" and, "do I need to do something about it?”. The Phonak Hearing Screener is a simple test that can be completed online via desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Phonak Hearing Screener is a customizable online hearing test. It helps you to offer more meaningful services on your website and to attract new patients into your clinic to assist them with hearing loss.


Benefits for the patient

  • Helps to build awareness of hearing loss
  • Provides estimated hearing loss results
  • Provides guidance for next steps and contacts

Benefits for the HCP

  • Obtain and evaluate estimated hearing loss results from patients
  • New: option to select “5 Frequencies Left/Right” in Hearing Screener settings
  • New: detailed result chart with estimated dBHL in the PhonakPro report
  • New: additional features for customized lead generation and targeted marketing campaigns

Guide: How to set up the Phonak Online Hearing Screener and integrate into marketing initiatives

Phonak Hearing Screener – how to create your own online hearing test

Contact your Phonak representative to learn more about how to join the Inner Circle program and customize your own hearing screener.

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Customize your Hearing Screener

Inner Circle members click to create your own online hearing test, designed to generate better qualified leads.

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Phonak Hearing Screener


Remote Support

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Stay connected with your patients - assist them and adjust hearing aids remotely in real-time.

Hearing Diary

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An easy way for patients to communicate and share their hearing aid experience with their hearing care professionals.

myPhonak app


Stay connected with your patients and adjust their hearing aids remotely in real-time.

Audéo™ Paradise


Provides hearing aid wearers with an unrivaled sound quality.


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