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eAudiology can be used to deliver hearing care services to patients when an in-clinic visit is not possible.

We are committed to assisting you in adopting digital services into your practice, and to get you up and running quickly while still adhering to the highest possible standards.

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Our eAudiology resources and eSolutions support hearing care professionals and clients throughout the digital hearing care journey: From screening for hearing loss, fitting hearing aids, and providing additional follow-up and fine-tuning services.

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Benefits of eAudiology

Growing evidence on eAudiology shows that using virtual appointments for counseling or performing fitting sessions remotely offers many advantages.


For the client:

  • Access to care for those living far from their HCP
  • Convenience by accommodating busy schedules
  • Hearing aid adjustments in the real-world

For the HCP:

  • Flexibility in scheduling
  • Client satisfaction1
  • Professional growth

For the business:

  • As effective as in-person appointments1
  • Expanding client reach
  • Client satisfaction1

1. Muñoz, K., Nagaraj, N. K., & Nichols, N. (2021). Applied tele-audiology research in clinical practice during the past decade: a scoping review. International journal of audiology, 60(sup1), S4- S12.

Discover the use cases below and learn how to benefit from eAudiology in daily practice.

Everday opportunities



Jane has been a client for 7 years and pursues newer technology every 3 years. 

She has difficulty coming in for minor adjustments to the new technology due to time and travel constraints. She is digitally savvy and already uses some digital platforms with other healthcare providers. She desires to have some of the adjustment and follow-up appointments virtually.

She understands this is a new offering from your practice and would love to be one of your first clients to use Remote Support.


Unique situations


Unique situations

Mr. Gregory, a musician, needs a change to his acoustic music program before a special gig and is wondering if you can fit him in. 

It is one of your busier days at the clinic with lots of clients in the waiting room and you have limited parking. Mr. Gregory’s commute involves unpredictable traffic delays. You have personal commitments after work and must leave on time. 

Assuming that Mr. Gregory meets candidacy, a Remote Support appointment offers a flexible solution. Double check that he will have sufficient internet/cellular service and you have saved the day. You finish on time and enjoy a nice work/life balance. Mr. Gregory has his adjustment and is a crowd pleaser at his gig. Client satisfaction at its finest.

Think about other clients with needs like this.


Expanding coverage


Expanding coverage

The hearing health care owner is considering opening a second location to meet community needs. It will be difficult to staff an audiologist at the location full time but a trained staff member will be in the office for non-audiological functions. 

With respect to local licensing and regulations, some follow-up services can be done with a Remote Support session with the client in their own home, or with the client attending at the practice second office. 

The support of trained support staff allows for an in-person feel for the client, avoids some technology limitations the client may have, and provides professional care in a timely manner.


Get started with Remote Support

Many hearing care professionals are exploring new ways of providing clinical care to their patients. Growing evidence on eAudiology shows that counseling or performing fitting sessions remotely offers many advantages for hearing care professionals and patients.

Phonak has all the resources you need to perform key steps throughout the hearing care journey: from screening for hearing loss, fitting hearing aids, to providing additional follow-up and fine-tuning services1.

Technologies and services along the patient journey2

1: Clinical Implementation Guidelines

2: Scheduling tips for Remote Support

3: Preparing your client for Remote Support - video

4: Check internet and Remote Support connection - video

5: Performing Remote Support - video

6: FAQs Phonak Remote Support

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Remote Support

For which clients?3


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Ready for more?

If you are already comfortable providing Remote Support, expand your client candidacy and take your service delivery to the next level!

Discover more candidates:

  • Frequent hospitalizations – may need hearing aid support in new environments
  • Frequent travelers
  • Has family members who would like to and are capable of facilitating a Remote Support appointment
  • Prefer in-person but would like Remote Support seasonally
  • Teens could be ready to take more ownership of their hearing aid appointment
  • Desires the option for a Remote Support visit

Find out more – visit the eAudiology page

We are continually developing our portfolio to meet the needs of hearing care professionals and patients.

This includes introducing additional functionality to give hearing care professionals more and better information to guide remote fittings. It also encompasses practice management tools and patient counseling tools to help make the most of eAudiology so you can continually provide the best remote care possible.

Phonak eSolutions - patient journeys

Visit the digital journey resources page to download the related guides.

Patient in trial phase

For existing patients currently in trial with a Phonak Marvel instrument, the hearing care professional can successfully close the trial remotely.

Phonak Remote Support: eSolutions for existing clients in trial phase

Patient with valid audiogram

For patients with a valid audiogram, the hearing care professional can successfully fit new hearing aids remotely.  It is assumed that the patient will return to the clinic for complete audiometry including otoscopy, feedback testing and follow-up when appropriate.

Phonak Remote Support: eSolutions for existing clients with valid audiogram

Phonak eAudiology

eAudiology encompasses technologies and services that enable remote provision of audiologic care at each stage.

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Phonak Remote Support

Remote Support allows you to assist and support your client needs in real-time.

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Phonak Target

Phonak Target continues to build upon its foundation of being the world’s favorite fitting software.

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