Introducing eAudiology

eAudiology can be used to deliver hearing care services to patients when an in-clinic visit is not possible.

We are committed to assisting you in adopting digital services into your practice, and to get you up and running quickly while still adhering to the highest possible standards.



Our suite of resources is part of a new digital service delivery model developed to assist hearing care professionals and their patients from the first fitting to the final outcomes assessment. These tools, guides and videos were created in collaboration with experts in the field to complement your audiological offerings and will be continuously refined and enhanced for the benefit of you and your patients. 


Remote Support session with Hearing Care Professional for Phonak hearing aids.

New to eAudiology and eSolutions?

Many hearing care professionals are exploring new ways of providing clinical care to their patients. Growing evidence on eAudiology shows that counseling or performing fitting sessions remotely offers many advantages for hearing care professionals and patients.

Phonak has all the resources you need to perform key steps throughout the hearing care journey: from screening for hearing loss, fitting hearing aids, to providing additional follow-up and fine-tuning services1.

Technologies and services along the patient journey2

Phonak Remote Support: Technologies and services for Hearing Care Professionals along the patient journey.

For which clients?3

Phonak: Types of clients ready for Remote Support for Phonak hearing aids.

Quick start in eAudiology

Download the "Quick start package" or click on the infographic below to start using Phonak eSolutions in your practice in 5 easy steps:

Step one

Optimize your practice environment

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Step two

Invitation process and Hearing Diary

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Step three

Getting started with Phonak Remote Support

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Step four

Test Remote Support
connection in Target

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Step five

Start a Remote Support Session

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The latest eAudiology resources

Digital Hearing Healthcare Guide

Learn more about how Phonak eAudiology and eSolutions complement your hearing healthcare service delivery. 

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Guide Audiogram Direct

Step-by-step guide on how to perform a audiogram direct with Remote Support.

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myPhonak candidacy checklist

Determine the ideal candidate for myPhonak app.

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Phonak Remote Support with AudiogramDirect offers the world’s first in-situ audiometry, directly via Phonak Marvel with any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.4


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Experienced in eAudiology? Take your service delivery to the next level!

We are continually developing our portfolio to meet the needs of hearing care professionals and patients.

This includes introducing additional functionality to give hearing care professionals more and better information to guide remote fittings. It also encompasses practice management tools and patient counseling tools to help make the most of eAudiology so you can continually provide the best remote care possible.

Phonak eSolutions - patient journeys

Visit the digital journey resources page to download the related guides.

Patient in trial phase

For existing patients currently in trial with a Phonak Marvel instrument, the hearing care professional can successfully close the trial remotely.

Phonak Remote Support: eSolutions for existing clients in trial phase

Patient with valid audiogram

For patients with a valid audiogram, the hearing care professional can successfully fit new hearing aids remotely.  It is assumed that the patient will return to the clinic for complete audiometry including otoscopy, feedback testing and follow-up when appropriate.

Phonak Remote Support: eSolutions for existing clients with valid audiogram

Phonak eAudiology

eAudiology encompasses technologies and services that enable remote provision of audiologic care at each stage.

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eAudiology visual

Phonak Remote Support

Remote Support allows you to assist and support your client needs in real-time.

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Phonak Remote Support

Phonak Target

Phonak Target continues to build upon its foundation of being the world’s favorite fitting software.

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