Phonak Remote Support

Your patients will always need you, even when they can't visit your practice. Remote support allows you to conveniently connect, assist and support your patients hearing needs.

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Benefits All Patients

Phonak remote support allows you to:

  • Adjust and optimize hearing aids with myPhonak app
  • Stay connected to patient's who can't travel to your practice
  • Support patients while they are at home or on the road
  • Interact with your customers in their real-life hearing siuations


Remote support

Phonak solutions

Phonak Remote Support allows you to assist and support your patients’ hearing needs by providing remote hearing aid adjustments in real-time.

Phonak Hearing Screener

An easy online hearing test that can be integrated into any hearing care professional website.

HCP Hearing Screener

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Phonak Hearing Diary

An easy way for patients to communicate and share their hearing aid experience with you.

Pic_screen_and smartphone_Hearing-Diary.png.png

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Phonak Remote Support

Remote Support allows you to assist and support your patients listening needs in real-time.

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