AutoSense OS and AutoSense Sky OS: the next generation of technology automation

Hearing aids with AutoSense OS recognize and automatically adapt to more of your client’s listening situations than ever before. AutoSense OS accurately captures and analyzes the sound environment, then precisely blends feature elements from multiple programs in real time to provide a seamless listening experience.

AutoSense Sky OS has been specifically designed to ensure that kids and teens have an optimal listening experience in their unique listening situations. These include the classroom, on the playground, while listening to music or with their family. For example, the dedicated pediatric classifier leads to greater comfort in the presence of loud speech and yelling, as compared to the AutoSense for adult system1.

1AutoSense Sky OS: The One and Only Automatic Program Made for Kids. Phonak Field Study News (2016).

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Use of AutoSense OS, versus use of manual programs, has been shown to improve speech understanding by 20%. This occurs when listening to speech in challenging listening environments, namely in noise, loud noise, and in a car.

(Übelacker and Tchorz, 2015)

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AutoSense OS animation

Use this animation to see how AutoSense OS adapts the blending of programs according to the listening situation.

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Advanced Hearing Aid Technology | Phonak

AutoSense OS is the automatic operating system, introduced with Phonak Venture, that provides improved sound recognition in listening situations by analyzing incoming sounds in real-time and automatically activating an appropriate blend of optimized gain settings, programs, and features specific to various listening environments. AutoSense OS identifies listening situations with accuracy and adapts with precision.


The enhanced identification of different listening situations and seamless automatic blending provides a more natural and optimal hearing experience. This reduces manual program changes, improving ease of use.


AutoSense OS can be perfectly tailored to your individual client’s needs in Phonak Target by adjusting its overall settings or the individual program settings.


Products with AutoSense OS or AutoSense Sky OS technology

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The comprehensive RIC family introduces a host of innovative technologies to simplify your clients’ life. Designed for mild to severe hearing losses, Audéo hearing aids...

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Phonak Bolero B is a BTE style hearing aid with our newest technology to cover mild to profound hearing losses across four performance levels.

Phonak Naída™ V

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Phonak Sky™ Marvel

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The hearing aid family for mild to profound hearing loss, specifically optimized for kids and teens.

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